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Why is Juraid outcome determined by most dps on deva now?


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Many people told me it works like this now, and seeing how I haven't ever KS'd a Deva in over 20 Juraids, I'm inclined to believe this is true.


Obviously some whiny minority complained about getting ks'd, so then official behavior was changed. Why is it like this now? I remember KSing Deva with power shot at some point.


Let me tell you what happens with this change:


-Parties don't even bother fighting each other. They go straight for Deva and ignore opposition.

-If a party already has Deva down to like 85%, your chances of winning are almost null unless you have like 5 sins in party.

-The only chance of winning if the enemy party is already on Deva is to wipe them. That's impossible to do with an unorganized party and with the sheer survivability granted by +2 +3 uniques.


So basically, the event is now entirely a PVE event. There's no reason to not focus Deva at any point in time, and the KSing risk is nonexistent so that if the weaker party had to retreat, or if you got there 3 seconds after enemies started attacking deva, might aswell just log off right there and then.


Please turn back the Juraid outcome to be decided by who last hits Deva Bird. Most damage can still get the box, maybe add back Gold Bar as a 5% chance drop too.


Increasing Deva HP 1.5x would help too.

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KS is rly lame and wont change the PVE character of the event. The reward isnt worth waiting for the opposite nation to quit juraid.

IMO its fine like now, just devas HP should be increased, maybe multiplied by 4? So both nations would have a chance to meet in deva room and either deal serious damage to deva or wipe out opposite nation.

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Ya I changed my mind, its fine without ks ;D if your party sucks and you're too slow then too bad. Level up your gameplay.


There are many tricks to save time. From lightning mage instant double blink -> call party (if you have 2 light mages, they could tp each other) to using the right skills at the right time (warriors aoe, parasite that now works, etc).

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