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My chronicle of orc side bdws


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#1 7v7 we have no priests, they have 2 - alt f4.

#2 8v8 we have no priests, they have 2 - alt f4

#3 6v6 we have no priests, 1 afk kurian, they have 2 priests, 3 warriors, 1 rogue. Perfect comp. - alt f4.

#4 8v8 we have 1 priest, they have 2 and warrior spam - alt f4.

#5 8v8 both sides have 2 priests 2 mages, we have 2 guys on starting gear (including a priest) - alt f4.

#6 8v8 even odds, we actually won.

#7 8v8 we have 2 priests, 1 of them being STR BP with priest atk pathos. They have 5 warr and 3 priests (2 duff 1 party cure) - alt f4.ç


Am I just unlucky? :wacko: when I played few months ago it was the same, except human side was the one overrun by noobs. My record is 3 wins and over 10 losses!

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