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Better for ApexKO


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Hello there


These features are available on the original server KoreKO.

I would like to see ApexKO mostly from the samples I gave below.

Announcement system for afk players.


2- When you kill someone who is opposite, they come out in different colors


Moradon Race Ordering Panel



4- Item durability system % (looks nice)


5- Charecter delete screen


The visuals of the objects have been renovated more beautiful


7- Hide wings system


8- Rebirth items change to UnRebirth SC


We would like to see these kinds of features ApexKO.

Everyone happy years and good games :)

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We're aware of all of these and are eager to implement them once the USKO client supports them (subject to USKO pushing out the client that supports these features), #3 is already implemented (talk to Bilbor, interface is different though), as for the un-rebirth scroll; We could do that but seeing (+9) normal upgrades are disabled we feel as if there is no point in introducing the un-rebirth scroll, as who would really be using it to turn their (+5) or (+1) reverse item back to the (+7) or (+8) normal equivalent :P


Have a great 2017!

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