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About Csw time.


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Hey guys , i know the time csw has been changed couple of times already but, i want to say my own experience , to be honest at this time 17 pm server time i cant be online like i guess the most european people wich hold a regolar life ( except for the most of turk clans which keep the castle every week because they have many players online in the same time / day, i do not want to offend any turk with this affermation just giving my ideas.)

so what u guys think about to move forward again of 3 or 4 hours the csw instead to make the usual boss event. anyways on this time as i see theres always alot of players doing pk in cz.

imo it sounds patethic the same clans always keeping castle because they just can make 2x or 3x partys and theres alot of people clans which cant even join because of the time/day.


iyi idea.



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Could be changed around few few different times  few weeks 1 time then move  4 hours 1 way  so everyone can have a chance to join...


After so long each couple months each time zone will get a morning afternoon and night one    then NO one misses out like my time zone...



99% events all run during work/school hours  or 1 to 6 am ...


Would be good for everyone to have a chance to recive the rewards from events  


:-) thanks 

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Guessing no chance of a round robbin time  each few weeks start it 4 hours earlyer  so over time EVERYONE gets a chance to go and not just the select few...


Whats it matter if once or twice only 3  old partys make it when they have 0 chance to make the normal ones ...


The time all events are put on are called for the most populated times but all the other time Zones seam to not be part of this community or part of the game...


Would be nice to be thought of  so the rest of us can enjoy  the events   even once a year 

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+1  and im not Asian  just one of them places that   has apprantly a time zone where 99 % of everything  counts us out..  Shame so many ppl over here from old usko joined and left becouse nothing to do but pk when it was really bad or farm xp...


Hope lil changes happen bring back some of the lost ppl  

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