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suggestion for more farm


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Hey guys,


So i was thinking that the server needed some more farm.

When ever a person pms me , and ask the best way to farm because he is new.


I have to answer only the bosses around cz , and the events.

Aswell you have farming busses, but that is not something you cant do a lot because you will get killed.


There is likely nothing you can do all day long , so i was like what is the best farm zone in other servers.

My conclusion was bifrost , but on this server it is likely useless to go.


My opinion was transfer the mobs to cz , and make it farmable for the players.

Aswell make them drop better items like krowaz parts, and really low rated drop change cursed weapons.


This is not only doable for new players but,  it would be aswell cool to do for the players that are playing now.


I would like it , because the only thing you can do is wait for events, or pk.


This is only a suggestion to make the server more fun , and more interresting for old and new players.


I hope not to get unnecassary comments please iff you have them.

please just dont answer.










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wondering how this would benefit the new players ?

the clans that are gonna be killing the spots are the "more" geared clans

so an active clan (CrazyTime) can just genie at these spots all night?



anyhow, the bifrost mobs are also at bowl in Usko, might just wanna add them like they did 

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I think the first thing this server need is in-game information about farming/event.... Although they changed JR reward but there still few people join it, i doubt people in game notice about what changed, and i dont think chineses twain etc ever read the forum. 

So, as long as there's no in-game information, any change is just useless.

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what a strange situation is this.ppls was crying about less farm more pk months ago.now talking about more farm less pk :D this is already a pk server.new players can do good job on starter geared chars with more players. just mage teams need to come this server for more fun.

and old players should be less selfish on farm spots.i see someone have 11 kro weapons and armors and still tyring to farm.so what new players can do against them? then they're trying to find new server (this is not the only server in the world.) just do not be selfish and add anyone to your pt without lookin their gears(i tell all clan leaders.they just play conservative game e.g clan pt bb)

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There's people who think there is already to much farm on the server and than there we have people who think there should be more.


I'm just looking if someone is going to come up with something good, something useful which could benefit booth sides. :)

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Actually what about to change the rates of manufacturing and increase the drop rate materials??im sure ppl will go back to farm/ upgrade. This will help also server economy server since theres alot of gbs around :/ .... more krowaz / weapons to upgrade more bus will bbe necessary more farmers bloodseeker which will benefit zeppelin character and raiders from loseurself clan more nps more pk more gear more challenge for BroOk more funny more iyi server hand to hand.


Ps: dwarf wirinon 11 rev on kurian character using rush divine cancelling scrolls seems like. Iyi bug.

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