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BDW is still bugged


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Its actually has more bug now,. Today i see locourei run with full speed when he has altar.

Now other bugs:

- in BDW if you get slowed by kurian, you will fucked up, the only way to move is use T to walk.

- When you get altar you can be duffed but you cant get cured.

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Shit happens, many things can be unfair at bdw, having less priest, or worse attackers etc etc. But overall the uncureable duffs for the alter holder is a good thing, otherwise it would be basicly impossible to kill better geared ppl with shields.

I disagree, shielded warriors often die while carrying fragments. Even when descent with fragment worked it was possible to kill warriors.

With incurable duffs no other class than warrior (really geared one with shield) will be able to tank anything for more than 2secs. 


It looks like fixing a thing that isnt broken. No idea why.

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well, mention about the shield, even a mage can take altar if he has Gab, then just need 2 times of cursed (which happen alot with Gab) he can reach the base easily

A duffed mage has like 4k hp? Even with adamant working warriors can kill him easily with aoes. Tried it.

Incurable duffs change the type of bdw event to pure team deathmatch which it was never intended to be.

Before, weaker parties had some chance of winning, now its all about who can deal more damage. No strategy, just Z+skill which is sadly the only way most apexians can play.

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What i wanna say is, with a party has no debuf, they cant cure, they cant duf either. and while other effect work: stun, slow, duf, weapon curse etc the only thing doesnt work is cure, when we discuss about a game feature, its supposed to be applied for everyone, skill players can record pk movie to show it if they r good enough ;)

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