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Rogue plate armor stat requirement

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I haven't played in a while but I am sure that you could wear these armors before at 60 hp. Now these armors have a 70 hp requirement for pauldron so you have to add 10 stats to wear them. I guess this is how it is in USKO? It couldn't hurt to just reduce them by 10 stats right? I really wanted to go paper rogue in ardream.

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As far as I'm aware the HP requirements for these have never been changed, rogues seem powerful enough as is and if we'd allow this there'd be little point in choosing to not go for a paper rogue. Furthermore mages and priests would be demanding the same thing for their armor sets.


If anyone has any good arguments as to why we should, please let us know in here! :)

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Well this is my justification for changing paper rogue back to what it was (plate armor and 254 dex possible at level 59):


Paper classes have not been common for a long time, not even in ardream. They were somewhat common a long time ago when common people who had high class items were +3~6. So if you wanted a high dex/ap or str on bp or damage on mage, and not much coin or not much stat points, you went paper. That means that even if rogue is OP, paper rogue is not... it is very very unviable, so no one will go paper after a month of the server probably.  Why is this? Let's compare the stats  gained and lost when a rogue chooses different play styles. This is for assassin at level 59 with dual shard +8 and basic jewlry (ones that came with beta).


Chitin +7 assassin= 397 AC 90 HP. This is 300hp/300 mana and 176 defence more than an assassin with +8 half plate armor. What does the assassin gain? 160 AP. This is based on a character with 1200AP which is fairly normal for dcz assassin. A DCZ assassin will usually have  an ap:defence ratio of 2:1. So the fact that you lose more AP than the amount of defence you gain makes for big big diminishing returns. Add to this the fact that you lose 300HP/300MP and a paper rogue is laughably underpowered compared to someone wearing chitins or fp, because they gain more stats overall. This is especially true these days when +9 fp or even chitin is not unusual.


Even if it was changed back to plate with 254 dex, it's not that much better, you gain about 50 armor more and that is it. Even if that was implemented most people wouldn't be willing to lose 300hp/300 mana AND 119 defence for 160AP, especially when +8 fp is similar to half plate +8 price, and chitin +8 is considered "average gear". I didn't compare to +8 chitin because there is a big price difference between +8 half plate and +8 chitin. Bit if you compare to +8 chitin or fp the ap difference is only 106 AP. Technically it would only be "worth it" if it fit the standard AP ratio of 2:1 i.e. 238AP or thereabouts. But I'm not saying something like that, which will make paper rogues OP. I'm not even asking something new to be implemented into the game... just something that used to be in the game.  It's not a big deal to me either way, but it's worth a try.


TL/DR +8 half plate Paper rogues lose 300hp/300mp and 176 AC vs +7 chitin rogues. Even if they could wear +8 plate, it would still only be 50 ac more... and with lots of big items in KO these days, it won't make paper rogue OP at all.


P.S Thanks so much for all all yer hardwork to all the staff.

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