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More farm options in CZ


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Would be nice to see some more farm options in CZ like: farming Keramash to make weapon/armor krowaz (I noticed already that it drops some of the required materials but I couldn't find people actually farm it - try to raise the drop rates or add all the required materials into 1 monster etc...)

maybe another option is that some monsters will drop Glaves/MD'S etc all +8 and people can go with them to higher pluses than +11, maybe area with monsters that drop shells+7.

About selfname quests, they are pretty useless in my opinion, because it comes +0 and it's too hard to get +11 while you only got 2 tries in a week and let's be honest, less than +11 it's useless as a weapon or shield, in this case I would recommend that it will can be taken in +7 from the NPC or even a farm area with hard monsters that drop it +5/+6 in a fair percents, maybe like 20-25%.

In bottom line I just came to say that pk full time 100% gets boring sometimes, yea, the idea with the medals is awesome but sometimes you just want to chill and take a little break from that PK and go with the clan to farm something, in addition, it will be nice to see the variation in weapons/armors in CZ except Rosetta or Krowaz.


Thanks for reading, appreciate this ^^  :rolleyes:

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