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[New rule] Selling characters in Cypher Rings

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It's recently become popular to make topics selling characters "in Cypher Ring", while this is indeed something we allow, we'll be requiring everyone to show proof of having purchased a Character Seal scroll (in case you want to play while trying to sell the character), or otherwise a Cypher Ring (with the details of 'who' is inside) in the main post of the topic.


Note: We don't support any other way of selling characters (whole account sales) so any topics that sell characters and do not abide by this rule will be deleted.

This rule also apply to selling untradeable items, you need a proof of a character inside the ring holding the item.

Son zamanlar Cypher Ring ile char satiyorum konulari cok populer oldu, buna izin verdigimiz halde herkesden bu konuyu actiginda Character Seal Scroll satin aldiklarinin kanitini gormek istiyoruz(chari oynadigin halde satmak istiyorsan), yoksa da Cypher Ring (icinde hangi charin oldugu detayi ile beraber) konuda bulunmalidir.

Kisaca Character Seal Scroll'un veya Cypher Ring'in resimi olmadigi sure butun konular silinicektir.

Bu kural aynı zamanda takas edilmeyen eşyaları satmak için de geçerlidir, eşyanın bulunduğu karakterin yüzüğün içerisinde olduğu kanıtına ihtiyacınız vardır.

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On 3/10/2019 at 3:56 PM, Za3B4L said:

so is it able to put 1 items in css too as in usko and it should be personal weapon or any thing untradable ?

You should be able to use all item slots when you trade a character. :)

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