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I have a few suggestions for better APEXKO // Benim bir kaç önerim var daha iyi bir APEXKO için


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I have a few suggestions.

* Colony Zone need to revive slot and BOWL
* You must activate the Orc Bandit Leader
* You must activate different quest in CZ
- For example; User killed 200 AOC, It take 5 apex chest.
*  Border Defance WAR, Juraid Mountain, Chaos and ForgettenTemple gift change

Benim bir kaç önerim var.

* Colony Zone slotlarının canlanması ve bowl canlanmasına ihtiyacı var.
* Orc Bandit Leader aktif olmalı
* CZ'de farklı görevler olmalı
- Örneğin; 200 AOC kesince, 5 apex kutu vermesi gibi
* Border Defance War,
Juraid Mountain,Chaos and ForgettenTemple hediyeleri değişmeli


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Great ideas i am going to add some more:


1)Make golden rod drop apex chest with a rate of %20

2)Make golden mattock drop apex chest with a rate of %25

3)I liked the idea with the AOC

4)Put more orc bandit leader we need to add more of them because 3-4 of them on bowl is clearly not enough i want to see bloodline cry more about them.

5)Buff mages and kurians, nerf sins they are too powerful with dual jamadar+11.



Thans keep up the good work fam your ideas could really turn this pk server back into a deep dark pit that is farm server. But i am lovin it.

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To make something to recive gifts  need to make it so EVERYONE can have a change to do it  not just a select few...    



Most of the events in game are on during  Wrok / school hours  or   between midnight to 7 am  makes it hard for me and many others to attend things....


Already enouth events out there for select few to get lots or Tear karv  while rest have to farm hard to buy them from ones who always get.....


So do kill count things not must join events that not everyone  can do    and give advantace to half the community

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