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LostHeaven Tribute


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We all know that every good story comes to an early end, so after seeing this sad topic ( http://forum.apexko.com/topic/2590-about-lostheaven-clan-lostheaven-clan-hakkında/#entry18896) I decided to make a tribute.
That being said, the subject of today's short chronicle is our beloved clan: LostTBL. So many good stories and episodes that I don't even know where to begin.
Maybe we can start with their mythical appearance on the server. True Turkish Knights who emerged from the underground bringing, with them, lovely tales and pearls. They are high level players with extreme abilities who make use of everything in their hands and they leave us with a legacy: to learn with them and with their philosophies as much as we can.
I hope you all enjoy this tribute to LostHeaveN. So, without further ado, here's a few examples of those philosophies and a recap of their journey and achievments in ApexKO:
#1) Clan composed by Godlike warriors:

My macro is not 2222 its r2r2r2r2r2r2r2r2. Playing warrior is not using keyboad as master, playing warrior is picking the best enemy, best timing, and being the best place to do right move.  

Indeed a Lost Legend.
#2) "Always use everything in your hands" - Extreme profficiency on coding/editing tbl files:
#3) "Honesty":
#4) "Friendship Above Everything" - Give your life if necessary, do your best to save your friend's ego:
#5) "Have mercy on your enemies":
#6) "Always play by the rules and make sure to enforce it!":
#7) "Communication is key. Watchout when playing with peruvians":
#8) "Even if you die, keep your chin up and send happy letters to your friends":
Those are just eight small examples out of the hundreds of nice mottos, words, moves, thoughts and contributions that they are leaving us with.







And again, thanks for the great times guys! I hope you come back soon.

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Tribute video got deleted for no reason but it's avaiable if you type "" on youtube.


I see that this had a great positive effect as LostControl now PMs me every single minute ingame with words of joy. 


MOD EDIT - See my comment below

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manhattan delete video sound and share video please because every1 need to see your bad game ? priest no skill, also on game im dissappointed 

P.S we offered you in past a lot of times because you crying about cz vses (archers,some random warrior attacking bla bla) so we offered you VS in arena but you didnt answer so words is nothing dont talk too much like shit  i dont give a fuck about your shitty post,ksces

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Please don't post any links/name of the video,


We have spoken to a GM who has advised us that the music is alarming to our members from Turkey , let alone several Private messages I have had regarding the video

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