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Give another blog post?


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It would be quite nice to have more communication with the community from the administrative staff in terms of where the server is going to progress from here; for example things such as UTC and darkness expansion (lol yeah right), as well as just an overall update on what we can expect in the next coming weeks.


Maybe even dedicate one person to do these every month?! :o (outrageous I know!)

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I can do them np


If they're anything like your signature's last picture; I'm all for. That'd be something I'd read every time it was posted :D


The blogposts have been neglected for quite a while indeed, I've intermittently written a few of them, but never finished one entirely. It's not such a bad thing either, I'd have had to come back on a few things I wrote for them (mostly timeframe related). In conclusion, I should probably figure out a better format for writing them, and fire them back up ^_^

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