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BloodLine Recruiting!


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BloodLine is now looking for active people for PK


We are currently looking for: priests!!!!




- Be able to log TeamSpeak 3, and must have a microphone to communicate 

- Decent gear preferably

- Be willing to accept criticism


Post your application here leaving your name and class as well as your time zone, or simply contact any one of us listed below if you would like to apply.


Preferable people to contact (if not available in game, mail or leave a post here):






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Define decent gear, I'm interested in joining but have default shit.



Currently we had picked up a new dutch warrior, so to get priority over him in parties would require you to have a full str set +2 (DR/ROCs +2, OE+2, AOS+2) and a chaos weapon +8 (and a brain of course).


Otherwise we are currently too active to recruit anyone, as they would be getting kicked out of parties for more geared warriors. 

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