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Cartel 2vs2 LostHeaven


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its okay congr. sick is good priest i liked his game thanks


but firstly i said  I did my best and  before the vs i told u  ' i  dont have warrior now but i can come vs np' first vses i played on warrior (ewil wizard side) LostCrazyGoooing has 8900  hp and and low defence  smth i dont remember now he has aoc +2,dual dia ring +2 smth. i was damaged you 1800 1900 smth  when priest used torment  but your damaged very op than crazygooing and you know this i did vs really for fun  doesnt matter your record and i should say thanks to vs if you want vs again both of equal i can come again 

P.S =I like these videos who won,who lost i dont care but most important we did something and i enjoyed it why im saying this ? i can explain ; someone talking too much on forum but  i want   need see them in cz but i never see them in cz to do something they can just doing blame someone and trolling this bullshit even they cant play this game but everyone has keyboard and they never stop write shitty comments (i dont care) i cant do something about it 

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