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Error 255 (7 days and do not give me solution)


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Good morning

may not be possible already spent a week and give me no solution to the problem I have it is:


successfully connected to server but apexko

loggind info faileg the game. (255)


I am disappointed by the delay in solving my problem

7 days lost and unable to play


I hope the prompt resolution of my problem


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I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Alpha has some family matters which has to be solved with haste so he is unreachable at the moment. I would like to apologise from you on behalf of whole apexko team. I am sure once Alpha is back he will help you into solving this problem. In the mean time can you try something for me:


Please erase your current client and download a new one from the website. They were updated a week back since there were some issues which has to be solved. It may or may not solve your problem just a wild guess :P 



Have a nice day.

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And did all that

unzipped as 20 times and nothing

customer down again and nothing

I gave my information to some friends from Peru and abroad

and leaves them the same mistake 255


Alpha told me everything that makes Aesteris

and that was like 4 days ago and nothing

Both already have data from the new account that I was asked to create me

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