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Configuring the Region Lock feature

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Region Lock works in a way that it prevents any other country that isn't yours to log into your account, both in-game and to our website. If perhaps you want a certain country to be able to log your account (a sharer or maybe you're using a VPN program), or you will be traveling soon to some other place in the world, in order to avoid getting locked out of your account, it would be wise to change your account settings.
How to set-up / configure your region lock:
1. Log into http://apexko.com
2. Click "Manage account access"
3. Once you're there, you can freely allow or forbid whichever country you want to have access to your account! Note: It is not possible to forbid the country from which you're logging in for security reasons.



Does this make me immune to 3rd party people logging my account?

> No, because there's still the risk that someone from your own country could access your account. Fortunately we have other security options to complement this one, such as Item Sealing and OTP.


What do I do if I lock myself out by traveling to other places without changing this setting beforehand?

> When trying to access your account in the website from a region that is forbidden, an error message is generated, and with this also an e-mail that will be sent to your e-mail address registered with ApexKO. From there you will be able to restore your access.


I'm using a VPN program / proxy to improve my connectivity (ex: WTFast, Battleping) and it won't let me log into ApexKO!

> It's simple, just find out from which country is the VPN or proxy that you're using, and "allow" it in the website. Obviously first make sure that you log out / close said VPN program before trying to log into our website!

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