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How to play Apex at MAC


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Friend of mine is interesting in joining server, but he couldnt play because he only have MAC, i know few people who is running K.O using MAC but sadly cant get them contacted.


2star or aesteries or anyone could help with this please ?

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I believe you can do it using wine as well, however you'll have to set it up yourself (e.g. figure out what it needs etc.), patch it up, and hopefully it'll work fine.


Furthermore, I believe you need to go through this process every time we release a client patch, which may in the end prove less efficient than simply bootcamping W7 or W10. 


Good luck nevertheless ^_^

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I have same problem on my MacBook Pro. Iv installed it with wine and thought that everything was okey because game patched without problems. launcher is running too and after press start it tells "unexpected error"(same like on windows when antivirus deleted some files but on mac i don't have any antivirus) any1 knows what might it be?

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I don't understand why would anyone gimp themselves by buying a mac.

I have a PC -_- MacBook is for work/watching movies etc sobie wanna use it for merch. PC is good only for games in other things Mac win... my 2010s macbook is going smoother than friends's PC with 16gbs of ram..

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