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Explaining the FPS cap

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Hey everyone,


Since patch 2078 we've introduced an FPS cap on the game.


Some of you think it's "completely pointless" and "you should remove it".


As I'll outline below, there are plenty of reasons the cap needs to be there and going forward, we will not be removing the cap until the underlying issues as to why it's needed are resolved (which are beyond our means at this point in time).


1. Animation speed being either too fast or too slow due to fluctuating FPS

2. Cooldown on skills being faster on high FPS machines (we're talking up to 33 milliseconds faster, which on minor with its 100ms cooldown, is 1/3rd!)

3. Interpolation issues with movement; Ever fell through some stairs in Ronark Land or Juraid Mountain? Now you know why.

4. Going over 1000 FPS completely screws with almost every kind of timing there is (it's a speedhack / animation hack / cooldown hack, except you don't need any tools for this to work at all - a strong desktop computer will do the trick)

5. The Korean official servers have implemented it (presumably for similar reasons)


We have hopes for these issues to be resolved by the multi CPU support the Korean official servers have very recently introduced (but we haven't yet checked out, and most likely won't be introduced to the non-Korean servers for a while), as without resolving these, supporting multiple cores would most likely result in these issues becoming even bigger.


Hope this clears things up!

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Even though you capped it to 90 i cant even see that. In usko olympia i see 250-200 fps and here i should see minimum 80 all the times on an empty area by this logic but no i get 70-83 or smth which is very annoying... Even before i didnt get more than 90. Tell me how to fix it. 

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1. didn't get fixed with the fps cap, Animation speed is still being either too fast or too slow (whenever i log a sin i get this animation speed issue within 1min of pking)

2. 90 is too low

3. didn't get fixed either (problem is still existing)

4.If everything screws up at 1000fps and over then why is the cap 90? make it AT LEAST 150-200


None of those issues you have enumerated got fixed (except 4 - there are probably still ways to avoid that tho)

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