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Some improvement to /town

Improve /town  

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I think everyone can agree when I say that /town in a PK-zone is way too underpowered.


Forcing someone to have more than 50% of their health left to be able to instantly be teleported to safety

is one of the harshest thing I've ever heard of, in any MMORPG.


I think /town should work regardless of your health, and also give 30 seconds Spawn protection (Still be able to hit others, of course..)

Please vote in the poll, and please vote carefully as I take the poll very seriously.

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It doesnt make any sense. If people able to town less than %50 yes you should fix this. But if they cant its okey. This is Knight online bro? Nothing different. If you want some stupit base protection, 10 sec to go base or something like that, go play dota or lol. It is simple that much.

PS: I dont want people to go town during raid. The percentage should be %100 during raid. But you cant change main rules as i said This is fucking Knight Online.

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