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Ban Elu for NPT; proof inside


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ummm sorry but I saw nothing special in this pk video? It just showed you guys harassing humans that weren't even fighting you lol.... make a actual 8v8 video please. =D


we killed elu enough times to make him go buy NPs afterwards sorry if u are blind and do not understand the point of a polemic video (dunno if u even know that word tbh)


if u want an actual 8v8 you can schedule one with me and i'll happily pay someone to make a video out of ur clan dying 1 billion and 1 times np 

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lmfaoooooooooo doing what you couldn't with ease. Shame on LaTroupe for picking up the dirty laundry !
In the meantime one INT priest dieing to ONE WARRIOR. I repeat: one int priest dieing to ONE WARRIORrelease the giggles:
when  you think you've seen everything in KO, some people pull off, what should be, the impossible AS:sd:D::SAsAs:DS:As I don't want to live on this planet anymore


your daily dose of drama provided by "Death to a Warrior" aka sinetusia

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