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Fresh Karus Mage (Recruiting) DynamiC


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Hi All, Welcome to the Apex Knight online recruitment post. I would just like to introduce you all you the new clan DynamiC . DynamiC are looking for Friendly, Active and skillful players to join our roster.Basically, We do accept noobs but only if they have good will to become advanced players, and want to take active part in our clan.
We will supply all help and tools that is needed to everyone Working together . The main aims of this clan are as follows:

1. To bring your enjoyment of ApexKo to a whole new action wink.png
2. To work our way up the ranking system.
3. Help eachother when required.
4. Share the knowledge with eachother.
We are currently recruiting:
Priests [OPEN] (Buffer ) and (duffer but not more smile.png at least 1 active daily )
Although we seem like a very flexible clan, there are some very small rules/regulations we wish you to follow.
- Always be Active unless notified otherwise.
- Be polite to all clan members.
- Must be talkative within clan chat.
- Experienced at the game.
- ENGLISH SPEAKING / Turkish Speaking , Low 
-Teamspeak is a must (you can find our ts3 ip in clan noticet)
-ALL Days Available and Time's You Can Play at night 
- Know how to play mage and how to use novas (kinda obvious) wink.png
This is only a very small clan recruitment post to introduce the El Karus Community to DynamiC , If you require any more details or information about the clan please do not hesitate to contact us (Contact details listed below). 

Interested? Reply to this topic, or better pm ingame (Skeleton- RawnZ- TheGreatEvil)

Thank's , sorry for my bad english smile.png

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