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What is OTP and how do I set it up?


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What is OTP?
OTP ("one-time password") protection, is a form of "two factor authentication".
Enabling OTP requires you to enter in a 6-digit code generated by your smartphone (or other device) every time you login to either the website or the game.
Doing so drastically limits the ability for attackers to gain access to your account.

How do I enable it?

Simply login to the website and press "enable it now" on the red popup notification that shows on every page until it's enabled. Follow the prompts from there. :-)

What's two factor authentication?
The concept of two factor authentication is simple, but important to understand.

Ordinarily (without two factor authentication), you require a username and password to login (that is, something you know).
Two factor authentication adds an extra piece of information (in this case, a 6 digit code that expires every 30 seconds) that can only be obtained by something you physically have (e.g. a smartphone).
That is, for an attacker to gain access to your account, they would not only need your username and password, but your smartphone too.
This alone drastically reduces the risk of an attacker obtaining access to your account.

If you have a smartphone (and most people do these days!), you should be using two factor authentication wherever it's supported (not just here at Apex KO!).
What do I need to use OTP?

You'll need a smartphone that supports Google Authenticator. We chose Google Authenticator because it's widely used and highly portable, so this shouldn't be a problem.

That's it!
What if I don't have a smartphone? Can I still use OTP?

No problem -- while it's less secure than having a separate independent device, you will find that most operating systems do have an alternative.
For example, for Windows users, there's WinAuth!

Please note that we only directly support the Google Authenticator app, but no matter what you use, setting it up should be trivial (all you really need is the key we provide when you enable or reset it).
Isn't it more complicated? Why bother?
You might think so at first, but using the OTP code really only adds a couple more seconds to your login process.
It really isn't much of an inconvenience at all, but having the ease of mind that your account is safe is certainly more than worth it!
My codes don't work (or they only work some of the time)
Your device most likely just needs to have its time synchronised with a time server.

Google Authenticator has a feature under "Settings" to do this for you; at the time of writing, "Time correction for codes".

If you're still having issues, please send us a support ticket and be sure to mention your device's model, what you're logging into (website? the game client?), and any other information that may be helpful (do you switch timezones frequently?).
How do I use this on another device?
You can only use OTP with one device at a time. To use it on another device, you will need to reset OTP protection, which will allow you to setup a new key on another device.

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