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Suggestion About Juraid Mountain


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People just don't care about juraid, since there are so many alternatives to spend time instead of joining juraid.
I.e. in steamko 1000 users are joining from each nation when it's juraid time :)
People even set alarm clock to not miss it but here juraid is just not that important, a button won't change what juraid gems drop :)

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Possibly? We did this for FT, but I'm not sure if we can get away with it for Juraid Mountain as well. KO does weird things with events and their signups, so you kind've have to be very exact with how they expect things or random things bug out in the client -- particularly with Juraid.

As Dwarf said though, something will also have to be done about the event rewards to warrant people caring about it.


I'll look into it and see if I can make it work, but the client can be very finnicky. We'll see. :)

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the apex chest are giving rosseta and other itens, the rosseta comes +1(lol you can get +8 for free), silvery gem has a low rate to drop something worth the time, not even saying about the fragments from bifrost 30 frags only bus and nightmare crystal(i know if you get lucky you can get a +7 item, which isnt my case).


so since u guys patched up the free itens pack +9 weapoms and +8 armor +1 uniqs u guys should increse the rate to get something that will worth the time, otherwise ppl wouldnt even bother leaving cz to join an event.



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