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Mattock / Fishing

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Can we changed the drops of mattock / fishing please ? Instead of giving low rates for fragments / materials that needed to make df's,mythril,etc (since it's useless) why don't u just make the drop for krowaz materials / high rates to get frags? I think you'll earn more money on that if u rather to make it. Make sure gold mattock/rods gives more % than normal one.



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no thanks after every1 will just farm afk.


what about guys if u make like on invasion mattock / fishing drop krowaz materials?

It's basically a PK server now, so why not have afk farming? Explain why it is bad not just share your "emotion". There is no argument to be made that people will head out of CZ to EMC/Luft to farm because they can't pk, because if they do that they weren't going to be PKing at this time anyways.

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