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Some little suggestions with explanations


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Firstly thanks for all of game masters hardwork and making the best server have ever made.I thought some little stuff to help improve our game :)

-Removing bronze coin drop at abyss monsters.Bronze coins are really annoying when farming magic hammer,abyss gem,+9 accessories etc. Inventory gets full very fast. If I set autoloot 10500 then oreads doesnt collect +9 accessories.

-Rearranging abyss gem drops. Opened over 400 abyss gems the best thing I get is a glave :D Adding some new stuff like fragments,gems or chests (low chance ofc maybe 1/100) makes abyss gems more worthy and players will go farm abyss gem and other stuff at delos. Now I see no one at abyss when I go to farm there :D

-Show/hide option for wings like steamko. I think wings display is annoying. Bowl looks like a chicken farm when crowded. :D (edit:can close from options wasn't know that)

-Reducing Emc,luferson,moradon boss spawn times maybe like cz bosses. I don't know what is spawn time atm but I think it's too long. I'm checking antares and hyde for 2 weeks 4-5 times a day only found 1 antares and 3 hyde. Harder to find then steamko or usko.

Btw Sorry about that grammer my English is not perfect :)

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