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Juraid Gems/Items


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No one goes to Juraid anymore, so I have a suggestion I think everyone will like.


We already have bifrost monsters in cz, so maybe put lirimu/minotaur/cockatrice/red dragon etc in bowl, same spawn times as the bf mobs, or chaos stone mobs drop gems, or Isi drops the juraid earrings/rings. If people start going back to juraid, then maybe take these things back out, but for now, the items aren't really on the market, or they are outrageously priced. Who the fuck wants to pay 15gb for an earring +0?

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I would only go to ED for the Gem drops  but now the way it works new drops in there    means  1 person can get al gems   rest gets krowaz parts ...



Just seams a lil  off   and can cause ppl to miss out on drops they have joined for 

Exactly my point, we don't need to add more drops to a single mob/chest, need to add more of these mobs/chests/etc, or just change how we get them altogether. These events were fun at first, but shitty attendance and afkers have ruined them.

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