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Suggestion for all of the top clans on both nations.

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We all know the state of the game and we all want to help get more players/ make server super active. Which is good, but i do notice alot of us complain about certain things that we feel are lacking in the server( i.e new players with decent gear ).

Now aesteris and the others have done alot to help remedy that issue, but now things should also fall on us as the top clans, the ones that set an example.


What i am proposing is that we make an agreement between both sides to:

1. make some krowaz farm pts and help the new players gain some of the materials to make their own krowaz so they can be on par with some of us.

2. Let's help the new players level abit( we got alot of free time especially when cz gets slow ) that would then get more players on both side pking since 83 is a dream, but you really only need 80 to be able to contend.

3. chaos stone bosses now we all know not everyone is in the +1/2's they want to have, but how about we get the low guys in our pts sometimes and help them out with getting a boss drop or 2( yea i know the argument we farmed ourselves well why can't they? ) which obviously makes sense, but we forget alot of people came to the server alone and it's not easy to get a boss drop when a full pt starts to ks you.

Now for my last suggestion,

4. we know we can have atleast 2 clans in our alliance( 1 graded, 1 non graded ). Why don't we make 1 non graded clan for helping the new people level( such as the chick clan that people are in at lvl 1 that doesn't exist since they start at 60 ).

I believe it will benefit both sides to help out their nations population. Instead of saying people need to figure it out themselves let's help the new players, not by giving them free items or anything, but by giving them a chance to earn it all like we had to.


Any more suggestions are highly appreciated( flames are not appreciated or welcome since they won't benefit anyone ).

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<3 for the effort, but tbh it's a bit of a dream knowing how greedy some people are, e.g they can have 200gb and still ask ridiculous prices or try get the extra drop if possible. What top clans with long capes can do is ally other clans - it costs nothing but makes more clans attractive to new players. Also add new people, don't be snobs, no need to drop the clan bank on them when they join, just make sure new players have others to communicate with. ApexKO is the best KO server ever made, lets all give an effort to make it also the most populated one!

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