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Looking for a Farm / Social clan.


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Activity is a must for me.. I play at all times of the day, unless I'm at work, You can't hate farming.. It's something we all have to do, unless you're Rich, which I am not. Don't care what nation, hit me up on here. don't have a char in game yet.


I've been playing Assassin / Priest for about 11 years now. So if either is in great demand. I will make that one for a clans sake. I do not currently have a mic, Let's face it, Life has kicked me in the balls, as it has everyone else. Will get one a.s.a.p

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We are currently looking for priestes but active and  agood one

a lot of peeps have tried it but it is the hardest class and most important one so you need to be good.

Gear is no problem for us we are still farming sometimes but at the moment we are pking a lot.

But gearing up is really easy those days so i think u can be a part of our clan iff u want to.

btw our clan name is Divine and we are on the human side.


PM Zaikooo,mrszaikooo,laxus or science ingame.


Hope to speak with you soon else gimme a private message because at the moment i am at work.

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LOL Just stating our Clans status haha


We farm and exp new players a few times a week.


We are about to start farming stones again and krowaz. 


Plus we have mad good pk parties but we only have a few priests. 


So if you are wanting to make a priest on orc side we will lvl u and will help you get decently geared

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