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PerfectStrangers - Recruting[Karus]


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PerfectStrangers is Currently recruiting average players who are willing to learn and improve at PK. If players are in a clan party that drops items, the items will be expected to be put in Clan Bank and those who were in the clan party will have a chance to receive that item after the clan has discussed it over. Really simple loot rules and we expect you to follow these rules. New players will have a 2 week minimal probationary period where we watch them from activeness and expect everyone to help others in the clan. Once every month we be looking over our roster and seeing who is fit for our Main PK party.


Team Speak (Duffers must have a mic and we will expect everyone in the party to be in TS).
Be active. Sure we can't all play as much as we would like to. But 2 hours a day is not asking for much.
English speaking. We have players from all around the globe.

A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living.

Currently Seeking

Priest [Medium Priority]
Support mage [High Priority]
Warrior [Medium Priority]
Rogue [Low Priority]

PM - MrWoodPenis,King,G4shi or Sick, In Game

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Good luck guys! Hope you do well in recruiting. I would PM Soapman06 or Sick if I were you, Slaughterhouse(Tobin) will send you flame letters in response. Just sayin... lol

Thanks BadAss my love for you never waivers!


best clan on karus side and probably the nicest in game i recommend all karus join it !!

:) rose <3


black´s a 6 year old girl 

(cam can confirm that)

That makes alot of sense now!

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