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AudaciousNoob - Racism - Swearing ( Irkçılık ve Küfür)

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Hi guys.


I came this slot for farming bus and he told me to "gtfo" and this is his first swear. i told him "yes you can" and;


And yes. I called him "racist shit" Because thats what he is.



Merhaba arkadaşlar


BS slotuna bus farmı için geldim ve gelir gelmez arkadaş bana GTFO yazdı. Soru işareti yaptım ve "yes you can" yazdım. Aldığım cevap aşağııda. Kscler de elimde. Arkadaşa gereken ceza ne ise verilmesini rica ediyorum. Ayrıca arkadaşı ırkçı olarak tanımlamam da ırkçı olmasından kaynaklıdır, görüldüğü gibi.














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how racist was that actually? It was me on aviv's char farming buses btw, he just came and started ksing me, thats the story. If he at least asked gently I'd let him farm, but thats how they behave.

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I've been a KO player in the past i know how this goes down however it will be easier for us (the staff) and for you (the players),if we hold back on such language.

I know in the end this is not "serious" talk,it's pretty much Knight Online language.

@Tobol i'll just ask you to not do it again,thank you.


Topic closed.

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