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Forgotten Temple


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Kinda sure i already suggested it back in Apex V1, but let's see it again:



Plenty of ppl afk there, which is mostly handled by GMs but that's not rly good option in a long term run, pointless job for them, as well as could be handled in other way.


The reason for this AFKing is:


1.: Ppl like to leech, that can't rly be helped, same shit happening sometimes at juraid etc.


2.: (It could be solved and solving this would also help solving point 1):  Getting to Volcanic Rock's wave (last wave, 56th) is WAY TOO EASY. Like for real, kinda sure i could get there soloing, or at very max with 2-3 ppl easily. That's just stupid. Don't get me wrong, i don't want it to be hella hard or smth so only bigger clan parties survive, but making it like 2-3x times harder or so wouldn't hurt, with some more mobs aoeing etc would help alot aswell, so ppl wouldn't get bored as fuck after 2 min, and there would also be higher possibility to get the AFKers die that way. 

[Atm i myself trying rly hard each time not to get bored, but 1 hitting a few mobs etc getting on my nerves after a few min and i'm just running around or genieing after that till VR since everything will be killed anyway even if just a few ppl doing Y + R ... :D ]




That's it basicly, make the first 55 waves (or atleast every 10th or smth) harder (don't have to be really hard) but smth that requires atleast like 10 active ppl to complete as well as some AOE mobs included or waves where relatively alot high dmg mobs spawns, like idk, Golems or smth, nothing that's really lethal, but hard enough to get AFKers die.




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STEAMKO Ft is a lot harder if I remember there is multiple bosses and a lot more mobs, and i'm pretty sure they only put 80 in at a time. During the day hours the ft at this time usually has those numbers, but the problem with making ft harder would lie in the later ft which doesn't peak past 80 almost definitely on any day that I've seen at least. I think the most that one gets is 50 maybe 60 on weekend cause some people stay up later on those days. I don't see FT as a big deal to AFK in really and it doesn't anger me. It is not a hard event and think its ok to leave genie on until near volcanic rock, I don't mind it. Whoever is afk when it spawn dies usually any way to nowa :) its not an event like juraid, bdw, or krowaz where you have to be there present the whole time and your team requires you to be there.


Like you said, it's a really laid back and easy event  :ph34r:

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