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Isiloon stays in bowl


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-kurian pull fails less

-isiloon stays in bowl

-rush cant fail if you open the 45 skill which is suppose to make it failsafe! it fails

-slice fails toooo often

-eslant bosses are too weak

-chaos stone bosses are redundant

-krowaz zone armor and weapons are kinda overkill, right now people go get the sets and weps and leave krowaz zone :D, you can do those mobs with a full party in shells +7... make it at least lower + if want to keep the sets as is.

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1) Think kurians are strong enough and that pull skill seems to work quite often. (Compared to lvl 80 archer skill that only work 1/5 or 1/10 what i think should just be 100% i mean look how long it loads.)

2) Compleetly agree. Isiloon is ment to make more pk. Now its just isiloon notice comes, 100 orcs or 100 humans dependings on the time swarm cz, lure it to town and kill it.

3) No clue what it is, but im guessing its something for a kurian (wich are the strongest class in game). So im against that. Anything that makes that class stronger im against.

4) See 3.

5) Keep it the way it is. Atleast now new players got a chance of getting a boss.

6) Dont think they are redundant, but they do need a change.  Something like a chance to drop some krowaz materials?

7) You want it easier? I agree on that in a later time. So new players that come in say like a month or 2 can catch up or farm alone.




1) Make 80 archer skill 100% (im not a archer). But it just sucks so bad. Been shot by atleast 10 powershots today and only 1 did damage.

2) Make the dragon that mages summon walk faster, It walks 50% the speed you have without swift probally even less. How can it protect mages?

3) An increase for fire mage staff attack damage. it hits just as much as a light mage or less. On the old server i remember hitting ~900 with less gear. now its ~600.

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