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Helping newcomers


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We all want new people to feel more welcome and to possible stay on the server for at least some time.

My idea was to simple let them have unlocked skills which in the end will make lifes easier for them and get them up and ready for some PK faster.

Even if undergeared they will be able to compete to a certain extent.


I know many of you might dislike this for the obvious reasons because right now getting skill items isn't hard at all,but i just think it wouldn't HARM anyone if they would be free.

Adding some drops to those monsters or possible editing Chaos Stone to make it more attractive once again would be good as well.


P.s Lets not turn this topic into a troll topic because right now most of you are complaining about PK,if that's the case we need to get new people pimped as much as possible to enter Colony Zone.

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Seriously i wound go even more far and say let them start with Shell set 7 and Raptor 7 and full old set. I simply lost interest of playing agains the same ppl all the time ... need fresh blood.



+1.  (if it's non-tradeable and non upgradeable ofc).   People can rent those items anyway, but let's face it, KO players usually are dumb as hell. I bet plenty of ppl started / quitted or still playing w/o even knowing about the rental things, cuz they aren't visiting forum / website // lacking common sense.   Giving them those items when they create the char, will surely help forcing ppl to stay.  And +1 for auto skills aswell and tweaking the chaos stone into smth more interesting, not necessarily insane bosses / mobs to make the strongs stronger, but anything that creates some more action.

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The dominating clans/players control the bowl, giving newcomers better gear wont do anything unless it matches the domination clans equipment, only that will equal it out and only that will make active cz, less then that will only be a killing spree by the dominate clans/players.  Yall just want chickens to kill.


Not to mention it would decimate the market place

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