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Human English / Spanish mixed Clan Legendz


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Hey guys normally I recruit UK and US players in my clan but if you speak decent to outstanding english come join me and my clan actually we are spanish people here most of us speak spanish but with a decent english ( atleast )


Just to let you guys know is that if you're just starting out or returning vet that needs help. I'll be willing to provide assistances on a daily basis from Monday, Wednesday, Friday on the  Eastern Time (Standard Time)


Our most important condution is to be respectful and helpful between clan member each other.


With that said, if you got any questions go ahead and message me on forum.

Or In game message me.

Leader clan: Odin

Assistant: OneHunterHit




We looking for Priest's / warriors / rogues / kurians with good skills and actives.


See you guys in game.


Estamos reclutando jugadores para el clan JustPlay si estan en busca de un clan latino pueden enviarnos un mensaje aqui en el foro o en el juego vamos utilizar TS o raidcall esta bajo discuisón no somos exigentes con tal que sepan jugar son bienvenidos.


Nos vemos en el juego!

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You guys were fun to kill last night! some good fights! 


Hopefully we can do that more

Yes pretty much remember that we are just starting on ApexKO alot of my members still using quest jewels / shells +7 and shits we are not geared yet, once we get it you will be down :) +1 was fun for us too :)

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