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Exception for "burn items" in upgrade-chat


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I think it would be great to add an exception to the chat regarding upgrades of the following items.

It's just unnecessary spam in the chat because I highly doubt anyone would want either of these items at +9 anyway.

  • Two-Handed Sword(+8)
  • Wood Staff(+8)
  • Bow(+8)
  • Maul(+8)​


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We can't remove this, we've had various people say that they really need to know how many burn items other use in their successful and non-successful anvil attempts to be able to deduce how many they should use before going for #datupgrade


Joking aside, I personally never found it bothersome - wonder why mgame doesn't provide a client side option to disable it like they do for every other kind of chat :(

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Its okay if one or two guys are upgrading normal ammounts, but when a few people start at the same time and have a burnrace it fills the chat pretty fast :D

Kinda annoying to not being able to scroll back an hour in the chat and read something again, because of failed +8's and Old uniques dropped...

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