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Random monster invasions


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I've been having some ideas on how to keep people more active and interested into the game.


Events would be made during completely random times.

They would be announced 10 minutes before the start as in: "Monster invasion is starting in 10 minutes. Location: Moradon"

The monsters being spawned will only be killed with R hit(Damage).


Those monsters would be Snowmans until we update Moradon back to its normal state.



Feel free to give in suggestions on what else we could do or how we could improve this kind of event.

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That's all good but bare in mind IF monsters spawn at the same time everywhere Rogues will have a even better chance to snatch those as they'll be faster.

If you disliked the event it's maybe better to do something else,so let me know what could be done.

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The snowmen events were not favoured to rogues! I was soloing with a mage and got like 20-30 drops. But i agree with random spawn places. It would be interesting to seek for the monsters, also this way everyone has a chance for a drop.

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Are you able to make the monsters move? Like give them walking paths? If so, It would be interesting to have them come up to the gates of moradon.. 


Not possible at least for now,what we could do is randomized spawns but than rogues would ACTUALLY have an advantage since they can cover more ground faster.

I think the current event was pretty ok,everyone could get to monsters without a problem and as people mentioned everyone got drops.

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