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AngelsAlive Recruiting Orc Side!


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Hey everyone hows it going :P


We are recruiting new Members for our New GG clan!


Currently we are looking for the following


- Must be able to speak english

- Must be able to log into team speak when needed. This would be more for pk but over all its always nice to hear everyone's sexy voices =p

- Must be able to get along with others and not rage over things. If there's a problem Pm one of the leaders and we'll try to sort it out

- Must be 80+ or at least close to it to join. We are not an Exp clan BUT we do exp from time to time so if your not too far off your still more then welcome


A little bit about us


- Currently there is only a small hand full of us but we plan on growing into a decent size clan

- We are Allied to WreckeD so there will always be some1 on to talk to/do something with

- For the most part we are from North America but because we are allied to WreckeD even Europeans will benefit from joining.


If your interested Please Pm






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