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Clan recruitment Axis


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At the moment we and 3 or 4 members from Syndicate and 3 or 4 members from gameover are the only humans that pk in party.

@Tobin you should had stayed with us, I'm having fun in Axis.


We still have some <lvl 83 and undergeared people but we are active, Im running with old jewels, and raptor +8,2 shells +8 and rest +7 and im in top5 of gear wise in clan.

But when next patch comes, in no time we will be on top!!!


Best regards,


PS - ORC Warriors with +2 accessories anda RAPPY +11 can you please stop asking for VS. I play KO since MYKO and then ARES, im not stupid.

PS2 - Yes im old (38 years old)

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