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Archer Class and Sin class


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It seem to be super unfair i lvled up to 83 and spent numerous hours farming on my archer

just to get to Cz and see my skills fail so much

Like did u guys even test the classes before u opened server whats up with this?


And theres no GG DD out there for these overpowered rogues

and the BS

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Dagger helmets help allot.


But i do agree that the archer skills fail to much.

As a archer you still cant hit minotaurs in Juraid.

Aswell as Power Shot (lvl 80 archer) Hits 1 out of 5 times. And the 4 times that it doesnt hit, it does not do 300 dmg or so no it does nothing ^^.


I know for sins they sometimes get "Your facing the wrong way"  and cant attack even when the person your hitting it right in front of you.


Both classes got some problems.

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There are chitin dd-helmets around for pretty cheap, you can always farm them by yourself too.


They already fixed the fail -rates for archers. The cancel rate is retarded good, power shot does nothing close to 300, during PK yesterday i got hit around 1,5-2,5k dmg trough my gear by power shots.



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"Skills fail much" could equally be attributed to you remembering the cooldown on your arrows wrong, and thus casting too fast, and thus end up failing (and continuing to fail until you wait long enough for the cooldown to have expired), I call complete and utter bullshit on the Power Shot failing part. Archers who can't hit Minotaurs is a client bug (and not one we can fix, it has to do with the model and the collision detection algorithm), may I suggest standing on the indicated green circle (rather than inside the Minotaur). 'Your facing the wrong way' is entirely client side (we can't, and don't enforce this server side at all - there is no point to do so), not sure what you're doing but I regularly test different classes to see if there's room for improvement here and there and I don't remember it ever behaving anything but how it should (steps to reproduce would be appreciated, if it is in fact a bug).

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