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WE NEED AN UPDATE!!!!! 2 weeks since last patch!


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why you're not updating nor fixing bugs... 2 weeks since las changelog.. ppl is leaving... I love that alpha is always online answering questions and so... but should be nice something new...

isilon at bowl.. (4 fake isilon and just 1 real, or an overpower isilon)
more daily quests... ( kill 10 mages, 10 rogues, 10 kurians... somethinglike)
kill 5 members of the same clan..
get 5 revenges
kill 1 cardinal 1 human and 1 cardinal in less than 1min
kill 10 atross/riotes
kill 3 bakirras (its a pointless boss because of worthless drop)
50% nps increase event
war on sartudays...
only 1h of invasion (even if the war ends in 7minuts)
buffs keepers so they last longer... or make them almost undefeatable the first 30min of war...

kill the king and you get 2 apexis chest

we need new stuffs... something interesting to do...

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yeah and with the opening of the new usko server today, it'll be nice to have some updates from aesteris. Like how to keep the population...


Alpha mentionned some updates in shoutbox yesterday, they seemed nice but idk if it'll be enough

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Thought Isiloon was supose to be in bowl from the start.

6 weeks in and its still in Delos.


Isiloon to bowl.

More life to warders and keepers.

1 hour invasion no matter how fast the war ends.

And something new.


All +1 to that !!

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-Isiloon at bowl was like that in previous Apex, I have no clue why it wasn't included in this second incarnation of the server.


-Daily quests are awesome if the reward is awesome.


-50% nps event, I do not understand why there's no such event, this was particularly fun because ppl run to CZ to get some extra nps.

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If you want new stuff play a new game :P


yeah... and most players who leave ( even the server jumpers) its because of that....  


however.. I said  IN MY OPINION....


just keep updating this game.. its lovely yet... xD

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