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Platinum Bar


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Hi, as we all know in KO we can trade 21GB at once, 30 if we have 9x Gold Bar. People are making weapons that are way more expensive that 21GB, also some unique jelwery is more than that. My syggestion, to avoid scam is to make some kind of "Platinum Bar" that would be worth 5 or 10GB. Now its risky to trade with someone over 21GB especially if u going "first". Sometimes even "trusties" can be greedy and u lost a bunch of GB's. Adding something like this would solve scam problem.

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I guess main reasons is to make them harder to store mainly for gold-farmers/sellers? Main reason for USKO i guess...

Also the dupe problem...

Thats a good point and probably true. Also since there is no perfect protection, making something like platinum bar, will increase dupe attempts too.
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