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ApexKO Random in-game screenshots


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Welcome to the Random in-game KSC fest. I made this topic because I think there are so many screenshots scattered all over the forum and it might be a good idea to make a spammable/pinned/whatever topic where everybody can browse and post a bunch of random images from the server. Please follow the rules and we'll be fine. 

You can use imgur.com do upload your pictures and use the "direct link" option.



1. Do not spam with more than 3-4 pictures.

2. They have to be from ApexKO server.

3. Try to explain what's going on with the picture.

4. It can be related to any kind of event or situation in-game.

5. Keep flame level down.




I called this picture "Tension". One single Wrecked orc party from one side, 3 parties of humans on the other side. They were playing the boat game in order to take down as many humans as they can. Well played!





Second picture, me next to Aesteris during kill the GM event while everybody is fighting around. 



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