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[Voice your opinion] new war times


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Dear players,


As has been suggested by you, we will be changing the (amount of) wars ran in a week.


First off, without a doubt, the Monday war will move to Saturday (both of them) - the Monday one is exceptionally dead and really needs some fleshing out.


The question that remains is, when is the optimal time for the remaining 2 wars (we'll be reducing the total amount of wars ran in a week to 4)?


1. Wednesday 5PM CET (as it is right now) and Wednesday 11PM CET (as it is right now)

2. Wednesday 11PM CET (as it is right now) and Friday 11 PM CET (as it is right now)

3. Tuesday 5PM CET and Tuesday 11PM CET

4. Tuesday 11PM CET and Thursday 11PM CET


Any other suggestions (that don't interfere with the remaining event times - http://forum.apexko.com/topic/1411-event-schedule-new-v2/check here for a nice graphical representation of the schedule) are welcome!


Please leave your thoughts and comments below, thank you!

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Now, get the wars 2 times a week . 1 shoud be during the week and 1 shoud be at the weekend. We work we cant go to wars when they are during the week. If you want empty wars do as you like lol, for my time here i was like in 1 war and that was because InttelectualPenis was bitching so much for me to come that i stayed till 2:00 freaking am to do it. 

I can tell you that i WILL not go to any war at the week, and i am not alone.




EDIT: my english is going from bad to worse....

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Option 4 is interesting.

Its interesting but its not reasonable for people who may work a certain shift. I would most likely never be able to attend wars at that time during the week. I think both wars on the same day is the best option. i may have to miss one but i should be able to catch the other.

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