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[King event] VS event for humans


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Update: Event is over. Google wins 100m and the rest of top places get 90m combined or so!


Full Results:







Hello gentlemen! I'll be organizing a VS event this friday after the first lunar war (when first bifrost starts) for the following classes:

Rules and requirements:
-Humans only

-CLASS BASED - different tournaments for each class.
-You'll have to join my chatroom (type /nation_chat)
-Anything goes, all skills and all items allowed. If you want to be lame and use illusion or DD, go for it! Get creative.
-This will be hosted in tournament format. I'll make brackets and post the address later.
-Each of the mini-tournaments will have a maximum of 32 entrants and it'll be best of 3 (finals bo5).
-The prizes will scale depending on the attendance (more on this later).

Penalties and stricter restrictions:
-I'll be sure to get a GM involved if someone actively and purposefully tries to ruin this event.
-If you don't show up in time, you're DQ'd.
-If you interfere mid-vs you'll be DQ'd (if you're participating).
-I'll hear no complaints about macros, pedals and other bullshit.

If 8 participants -> 50m -> 25m -> 15m (Top 3)
If 16 participants -> 100m -> 50m -> 20m -> 15m -> 10m x2 (Top 5)
If 32 participants -> 200m -> 100m -> 50m -> 30m -> 20m x2 -> 10m x2 (Top 7)

Everyone is welcome to spectate! Friday at 7PM CET / 1PM EST (After the first Lunar War ends and CZ opens).


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