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Suggestions for Titles/Achievements!


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So these are quite a fun addition to the game which can give your character slight stat boosts however some of them are mostly unobtainable due to the sheer number of kills / wins needed to get them! 


Let's take "Arena legend" for example, you need to kill 10,000 people in the arena for it.


There are quite a few other interesting titles but it would takes so long to get them that they are a completely wasted part of the game at the moment.


Much like what you guys did regarding exp quests (reducing the number of monsters required) I would suggest to reduce the requirement for these stats.


I'm not by any means saying reduce 10,000 to 3 but perhaps 100 or something? So it's still a task to accomplish but it's something rewarding that doesn't take 3 years to do!


There are many more interesting titles and stats out there but just wanted to give my 2 cents on the matter, hope to hear from other users and what the staff think of this.



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No. If you reduce any of these then I don't really see where the "achievement" part is suppose to be.


So do you honestly believe anyone is going to go to moradon arena and kill one of their friends 10,000 times for slight stat boost? D:

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The whole "achieve" system should be re-worked, some of the things you have to do are impossible to do because the required mobs do not exist/are present in this version. Also, most rewards are: titles, monster stones and pack of wings. It would be nice to get some variation on rewards, like some items. 

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