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Game crashes at TP Gates


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I know there's no "customer support" or "game support" forum but I want to ask, maybe someone else is having the same problem. I can play all day along without Apexko crashing if I don't go to Moradon at all. Sadly, with Monster stones and other events I'm always crashing at loading bar while my character is being teleported to moradon. This wouldn't be a bad issue if only every time I log I need to pay 6.000.000 coins for 6 DC flash in order to get my 100% running again. In a full day playing (like now, during holidays) I can make around 10-15 Ms a day that means 10-15 relogs, that means 6m x 10-15 and it's annoying.


I don't know why this happen, it didn't happen before until around christmas. So is anyone experiencing the same? I can leave my char all night on merchant without DC or mining without DC but if I go Moradon there's a high chance to get DC during loading. 


Btw game crashes at Loading Information (1). 

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Ronnen, someone from our clan had the same problem. After re-installing the client, everything worked fine again. 

I would guess some of the patches didn't install clean on your client.

maybe im unlucky, re installed it twice but still have the problem. not that I care much but it is indeed a prob for those with dc prem

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