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Suggestion for Jurad


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Yeah it's a good idea from the surface, but what KingFunky said is true. Strong clans would get an unfair advantage.

It would make joining and making good clans more important. This game for those who play it longer is clan based, not solo. I can't really agree with this argument. Without the people I have in our clan I wouldn't play at all. It's not like everybody will be in a full clan party but those who will are going to enjoy it more.

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I am with you on this one, clan juraid is awesome and when chips fall that way u have fun event with ppl who can pk and do the right thing at the right time...

Sadly it will kill this event for most players and we do need to think about bigger picture and overall advancment of server!!!


There are some things that can be done so clan members are pulled into dungeon and to have similar clan on other side but its only theoretical and I doubt some1 will write code for that, too much variables and I doubt such thing would even work in practice.

I hope Im clear on how I see it ,english is not my first language

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you could be comes back to   alot of them are testing the waters of the game lvled but not quite geared    being owned over and over by ready made clans wont help  them wanting to stick around.. 


The idea for it was to let everyone get in  spread the players and try have each class in the ed not a party of sins   party of mages so on  but a party with sins warrior mage priests  from all over the enjoy a short event each time they enter with a chance to get a gem at the end 

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You shouldn't be expecting this anytime soon,we've got a few more important things to deal with before we start to think of modifying any ingame content.

I feel as if i need to say that the current system is pretty ok and i wouldn't touch it at all.

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