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Kurian changes (as per Korean servers)


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Hey everyone,


As I've promised, I translated the changes to Kurians as they were applied on the Korean servers.


Stamina changes :

Base - 100 stamina

First class change adds +50 stamina (max total now 150)

Second class change adds +50 stamina (max total now 200)

Add points into the master tree (there's a skill that increases the maximum stamina - 2nd skill in the tree) adds +50 stamina (max total now 250)

Stamina regeneration changes :

Stamina is now regenerated at a rate of 5% of your maximum stamina (from a static 5) per second.


Debuff changes :

Kurian Curses now get overridden by Priest debuffs and vice versa.


Skill cost changes :


Name                    - current cost                     - new cost

Smash                  - 40                                     - 25

Slug                       - 20                                     - 15

Drakey's Power   - 30                                     - 20

Flyer                      - 40                                     - 25

Quick Smash       - 40                                     - 30

Blow                      - 40                                     - 30

Power Smash      - 40                                     - 35

Critical Sunder     - 40                                     - 35

Critical Bleeding   - 10                                     - 15

Curse of Big Unit  - 40                                     - 100

Demolition of Devil - 80                                   - 150



Discuss away!


These changes were made through feedback from the Korean playerbase after several rounds of discussions between the Korean developers and them.

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Will there be any kind of changes to the class that are not related to the korean version? E.g success rate nerfing or something along these lines as was requested in a recent topic. If no nerfing is on the way then I can already see the hordes of "OP OP cry fruit" users.


I personally think adapting the Korean version is a good idea since it makes the class more accessible to more people. Right now kurian is forced to be more on the support line even with the attack skills since stamina runs out after a few hits. We will probably see more diversity and more kurians also. That in mind, maybe the update should come right before Krowaz, it would serve as a refresh for some who maybe have gotten a bit bored of the traditional gameplay and will stick around longer to try something new.

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Kurians are not 'retardedly strong' - the team in their possesion is due to class awesome utility that ppl aren't used to.


Listed changes buff class itself to finally be a decent attacker on it's own, but removes that insane 1 hit KOs when duffs stack - sounds fine with me.


Implementing it with or somewhere near Krowaz could be interesting.

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