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Lets get this steam rolling


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Been here since Apex Beta 1 and right now the server has been the most populated imo since its birth. 


My suggestion is (like last time) Make a newcomer event

Level jump to 75 with premium 

Give out one time old unique acc per account (Old Diamond rings, Old Elf Rings bronze belt ETC)

Possibly a reward for being in CZ 30 hours a month?

And Advertise the crap out of it.  


For the first time i saw Juraid go to 200-200 this week. Lets make it 400-400


Edit: Goofed this into the wrong section. Move it plx 

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I think it's still too early. Many people are still fighting in cz with old uniques. It would be unfair to give em to new players.

Same goes for levelling, there's still people farmin exp in estlant every moment of the day. Together with the 100% exp event (I belive it was only 50% at the start), it's easy to get 80 fast.

It seems to me the population is still going up and there's no real need for these meassures yet.


Oh and 30 hrs in cz? People would just afk the shit out of that :( There's already quests to reward pvp so I don't see a reason to add extra benefits.

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Lol giving away free bronze belts, no thanks, most people don't even have a decent belt, let alone a bronze. Way too early for a newcomer thing, the only thing I could see giving to new players is level 70 something right off the bat so they can get into the fun sooner.

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