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BloodLine Karus Side


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I made a clan at orc nation, named after BloodLine.

If you wish to join, you're more than welcome to PM me on this forums, or in-game. We're mainly looking for active people that love to PK while using TeamSpeak.
Any class is welcome!

Chars to PM ingame: 

Some requirements i think are necessary you'll need to join our clan:

Be able to come on Teamspeak, mic is not needed unless you play debuffer.
Capable of speaking English, or atleast understand it.

Have somewhat decent gear to pk, this means atleast some +7s/olds, and lvl 80+.

Unlocked some skills, ofcourse we will help you get the missing pieces.

Looking forward to you guys!

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Im the real leader of bloodline

i'm not sure if mentally challenged or just trying to look cool. but no, you aren't. you might have had a bloodline clan in apex v1, but that doesn't matter to me. I've had this clan name for years and years already, on usko and private servers.



P.S we just got accredited 1, getting royal soon!

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